Silver Surfing & Late Flowering Careers

For every section of the community that are computer savvy, i.e. very happily able to research and order everything online, there are an equal number of people for whom this activity is an absolute no-no.  I know several folk who absolutely refuse to learn anything computer based.   They seem completely in denial that the online world has now gripped us and the genie will not be pushed back into the bottle.  The only way to survive is to embrace this and learn, with very basic steps, how to look up information, how to place an order safely and pay securely.  There are some very good community based initatives, usually involving volunteers at the local library or U3A group, where members who are very e-learning savvy pass their knowledge on to others less so.  Not high tech but a start and it helps the newbies become confident without feeling daft in the presence of much younger ‘experts’.   Many a late flowering career has been kick started from learning a new computer based skill at a low level – e-learning courses and education for the silver surfer help to stem the tide of loneliness too.