My Little Pony Has A Clever Career Trainer

A career is not always something we think about specifically – teachers and wellmeaning old relatives usually ask a child at regular intervals if they kow yet what they want to do when they leave school.  This is such a difficult question but there needs be no specific answer early on.  With today’s massive range of e-learning and web based learning resources, it’s possible to study for the general exams and also take specialisms in subjects outside the school curriculum.   Take a career in equine management – a lot of this work starts off as a youngster taking riding lessons at weekends and in the holidays.  To pay for these quite oftn there are opportunities to muck out the stables and take ponies for walks around on leading reign – doing the junior sorts of jobs whilst earning part or all of a lesson.  These sessions are invaluable for a youngster to see if they really do think that they’d suit the animal husbandry that is so necessary to get to the glorious part of being able to own and ride a horse of  your own, or several for that matter.   There ae many equine and stable management courses online for a good idea of what is likely to be involved.