Earlier Failures Help Create Effective Online Training

I have a really good chum from working together some years ago.  He has since moved on and made a very successful business manager of himself – something that our old colleagues would have considered unimaginable at one time!  His career seemed to have stalled.  However he really had to take the bull by the horns when he was frog marched out of one job – for an apparent misdemeanour.  Finding himself on his uppers, he decided to use his existing technical skills to provide a very niche service in minute measurements.  He took an online accountancy and business management course over two years and really got to grips with how to launch his own business.  His e-learning was very successful and he has since produced educational materials for his working teams and the annual set of work experience students from their local upper school.  Putting back into society something he felt was missing in his early life.