Designing A User Flow To Convert Visit To Custom

There are many things that  you need to think of when designing your website.  You may have some fantastic ideas for yourself but you understand your way of thinking – your visitors and customers may not always follow your thread.   The key here is to design a useable flow diagram for your website.    The questions you need to address first would include, are your visitors getting the optimum experience when they visit your site . . .  this will become obvious from any drop in leads and conversions – if they shoot up and it goes mad, then  you may have hit a winner.  But if as often the case, the leads and conversions fall, then you are definitely in need of help in addressing this first.   Starting with knowing how users interact with your website, a good online course will demonstrate how to design a user flow diagram to enable you to optimise users’ experience and thus raise your conversions.   User flow are the steps it takes for visitors to achieve what they want from your site – do they get to their goal or give up in disgust.  User journey is includes flow but also external factors bringing visitor to your site and what they do after they leave – it forms the route to them becoming your customer. One to be cherished and kept!