Customer Facing Service Training – Totally Needed

There is a miriad of e-learning courses and web based education available today.  It is absolutely fantastic that I can sit andtake part in online learning courses all day, every day if I so wish.  I’m not entirely sure how much good some of this would do me, but the opportunities are there.   Unlike when I was at at school and so wanted to be a travel courier – I thought that by brushing up my basic school girl French, this would be the way forward.  I attended  night school for 3 years – it was fun and made better by my Dad also going, for some French but mostly his technical drawing lessons.    I did become a travel rep – worked with coach tours and had a fabulous time.  How much better though if I’d been able to learn customer facing service skills with e-learning that they have today – taking this training course would be so helpful now!