Courses To Enhance HR Career Options

There are probably very few young folk who go through school, when it operates in the normal fashion, and decide . . “I think I want to go into Human Resources” for my career.  It’s not the kind of career that lights ambitious fires but is an essential functionary department in any well run company.    The HR professionals are involved in all aspects of selection and hiring & managing staff in terms of remuneration, holidays, sick leave, pensions etc.    They draw up employment contracts and are heavily involved in the production of the company Terms of Employment and on occasion when things don’t go so well, they are instrumental in responding to claims that may be made through the employment tribunals – not so much because of the company action but usually following on from an employee losing a grievance or disciplinary action.     Knowing all the employment laws on statute is for the legal teams but a sound working knowledge is essential for any post in HR.