Changing Nursing ‘Horses’ Halfway Through The Race

When a younger relative of mine had been in her general nursing post for some fifteen years, she suddenly had a yearning to swap over to midwifery.  This was a very bold step, not taken lightly but with careful thought, much searching for web informaiton and discussions with managers.  As she was already trained in the nursing aspects, she was able to take up the 18 month retrain for the midwifery element.   A great deal of this work was via E-learning courses – a complete schedule in bite sized blocks helped her to carry out normal duties whilst taking on this vast responsibility.  The careers side of things are very wide for nursing – many avenues pesent themselves but only after the original medical education nurse training has been completed and the nursing degree obtained.   Being able to say you are doing the job you so wanted throughout your childhood must be wonderful and not an experience I shared.