Career Kick Starts Without University

There have certainly been changes for youngsters leaving school this year.   In a move to try and get the less academic student away from the thought they must go to university like everyone else, the idea of a vocational training course at the local technical or higher education college may seem a cop out.   However for many youngsters who were never keen on the structured school teaching, this route is quite the making of them.  They are treated more as adults working together and are generally keener to learn their chosen skill without the distraction of other subjects bogging them down.  The chances of a job placement through a college placement scheme is often prety high, depending on the student of course.  Apprenticiships are also a very good resource for those able students who want to get into a good life long career early on.   some of the largest industrial organisations offer these 4 year schemes and of course, the job is almost always guaranteed at the end of the period, again for those aspiring students who work hard and reach the final.