Business Start Up Entrepreneurs Still Out There

There has recently been a great number of people starting their own niche business.  This is fantastic news and shows the entrepeneurial spiritial has not left these shores just yet.   I discovered that the tiny bridal wear shop, open for many years in the high street, had not in fact closed forever as some rumours had suggested.  This would have been sad, but in fact a young couple had taken on the ailing business – the old  owners felt hit by the online onslaught and more or less caved in.  The new  young owners decided to meet the challenge head on.  They both took online business training courses, which covered everything from marketing their goods, to sales approach, running an actual business, as well as contacting their local college for pointers as to companies to approach for mentoring ideas.  The local chamber also helped tremendously.  But the e-learning of all things business really helped.