Aye Aye Capt’n – Learning Never Gets Stood Down

I always enjoy reading up on the courses available through my local county council.   At once time there would have been a whole adult education system of night schools.  How often did you hear mum or dad going to night school or college for top up sessions towards a qualification or leisure pursuit.   I remember one near neighbour dutifully went along every week with her husband to take the qualification to be a Master for yaught sailing and other sea craft.  It struck me as hilarious that they were taught by the local harbour master – and there’s no harbour.  The nearest is 90 mles to the east  But as the town has lots of navigable tow paths about, there is a lot of boating goes on and these life skills are essential for safety of themselves and other boat  users.  Today the exawms incorporate a vast amount of online learning – the e-education system is second to none and many a fine sailor is happily enjoying his craft as a result of keeping his learning skills as sharp as his sailing ones.